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Friday, June 17, 2011

Now Two Cucumbers Have Spots: Vegetable MD Online

First off here is a great link: Vegetable MD Online

The link will take you to the cucumbers. Several leaves, closest to the ground, have yellow spots. Probably a leaf spot for cucumbers. 2 plants out of 12 or so. So that means time to spray.

I can't remember but I think I have 33ish tomatoes in. I only had to remove 1 because of leaf spot. The others are all treated and doing well. We are now approaching July and that is time for Early Blight. I sprayed my cukes and tomatoes again this morning.

The garden is doing well. 

You can plant tomatoes still. I actually have seedling coming up in trays. They are free for the immediate neighbors. Just email me. It is green bean time, if they aren't in.

I ordered heirloom bean seeds and they just arrived. They will go in cups to get started and I'll put them in the garden in 2 weeks or so.

Good Luck!

TIP: Cucumber and Squash leaves are sometimes less hardy then Tomato leaves.They burn easier (sometimes) when sprayed. If you are using a sulfur spray, check it out on a few cuke, zuke, and squash leaves first. You need to spray and wait  24 - 48 hours to look for damage.

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