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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tomato Damage: Spot and Ugly Tasteless Tomatoes

I had 30 or so tomatoes going for many weeks with no spot disease. The temperatures changed to the optimal breeding ground so to speak for the spores and it returned. Five tomatoes showed signs. The damaged leaves were removed and I sprayed all the plants again with sulfur spray and added copper to the solution. I also aspirined up the tomatoes.

The plant that had it the worst was one of my cold tolerant varieties. I think it was 'Silvery Fir'. I wasn't going to pull it but I tasted a red tomato from it. God awful. Acidic and no flavor. No sweetness. No point. So I yanked it. It will  be replaced by a transplant.

I have 72 transplants of different tomato varieties ready. Anyone in the neighborhood that needs more tomatoes... they are free just email me. They will grow quickly. I have actually been treating them for disease as a precaution. I will be doing prevention religiously for all plants from now on. After 10 years of growing in this area, I have to accept the diseases are here to stay. Cucumbers and tomatoes seemed to be the most susceptible in our area. The peppers get a dot or two on a leaf but removing the leaves work fine.

Powdery mildew will be coming for the cukes, zukes, squashes, and melons. Preventative spray is the best.

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