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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Journal, Blog, Take Notes: What Tomatoes are a Keeper? When did the Disease/Bugs Arrive?

My blog is a way for me to keep notes indirectly on things I have historically done in the garden. I also keep a notebook in my grow-closet. It is important to jot down things like what tomatoes you liked and didn't like for the season. I would say keep track of time from planting to time of picking but I find it difficult enough to take any notes. Sometimes my last entry for my notebook is May when the light in the closet go off. Hence... the blog.

But if you are one for details... a journal of what tastes great and what is a keeper can help you plan your future gardens. The notes will help you have a healthier garden. You just have to be disciplined to write in it.

Things we don't think to write are the arrival of white moths/butterflies. They are the insects that bring the green cabbage worms to your garden. Knowing when they arrive, allows you to spray BT on you leaves the week before they show.

Early Blight will show in a specific time frame. As will Powdery Mildew.  Over time you might collect data that helps you prevent the start and spread of these diseases.

Other things to keep track of is location. In case your have room to rotate crops or notice certain plants grow better in certain places. Sometimes location are drier, get more sun, or get early sun verses late sun.
Referring back to your notes on these details, over 5 years, will help you plan. Whose memory is that good that they can recall 5 years of garden details?

I am concentrating on tomato varieties this years. I am keep track of which ones get disease first. Tomato taste and production will be main factors in what I keep for the garden next year. So far...

'Delicious', 'Polish Linguisa', and 'Homestead' are mainstays for all the above reasons.

'Sivery Fir' will not be back due to disease and really the tomatoes tasted awful. Yes they were first to ripen but so what.

Anyway, keep notes on things you will need for next year. It can make a big difference.

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