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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Building a PVC and Concrete Base Support Post

Most stakes/posts have to be hammered into the ground. I was looking for something that I could dig into the ground. I created this PVC post/stake. It is pretty simple. You need concrete. The bag of 'just add water' will do. The 6 foot PVC tube can be found at any home building store as can the concrete.

I put the post in a 1 gallon plant container, poured the dried concrete around the post into the container and then add water.

I adjusted the post to be as straight as possible and let it dry. I have had them for 5 years.

They can be used for light crops by just sitting on the soil, or buried like I did in the gourd project. Burying them gives them strength. It beats hammering tall posts into the ground. And they will last forever.

A 6 Foot PVC Support Post. Set in Concrete in a Gallon Plant Container.

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