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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Scraping Away Tomato Stem Spots

I noticed tomato stems are pretty hardy. I have damaged them in the past when removing branches or suckers. They have fallen over due to wind or weight and have partially split. In both cases the plant survived and the stem healed over.

Some of my stems have spots on them. I have scraped some away with my fingernail and washed the stem with my sulfur solution. The spot is just on the surface. In a few days, when they heal I will scrape away others. I probably will use a razor edge. I am not cutting, just gently scraping to remove the spot. I want to see if I can clean up the stem this way. I will be experimenting on these plants. I believe, though I can't find it written, that the solution prevents spreading but does not kill the spots.

I can remove leaves that have spots and spray the others to prevent the spread of new spores and spots. But I can't remove the stem and can't find conclusive literature saying they spots will die if sprayed. In fact, I think they continue to creep and grow. So... scrape them off, spray, and prevent new ones. Let's see if it works.

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