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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bring Birds to Your Backyard Garden

Nothing signals Spring more than singing birds in the garden. Birds bring beauty and utility to the garden. I've mentioned slug and snail issues in my garden. The birds are doing a great job of eating them. They also bring life to our gardens. There are dozens if not hundreds of varieties of birds in your area. The right kinds of bird feeders fill attract the most colorful birds to your yard. The truth is if you feed them - they will come.  Every garden needs a bird feeder or five. The best way to find a variety of feeders is on-line.

Ever think of a bat house? It is a great way to reduce the mosquito population in your yard. If bats are too extreme, bird houses are great for creating a cottage feel to your garden and they literally bring life to it. Some birds will come back to nest in the same spot year after year. Bird houses come with a hundred looks to fit your creative garden style and they are built for specific birds. If you don't want the houses, bird baths will also attract birds to your yard. Birds actually look for shallow water to bathe. They remember where they can go to clean up!

There is one bird that you have to attract to your yard and garden and that is the humming bird. My wife has several feeders. They feed in a pattern and once they find your feeder they will come around like clock work. One hummingbird feeder is all you need to bring them into your yard.  Don't forget the birds. After all, you owe them a place to eat, sleep, and clean up after taking care of your snail and slug problems.

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