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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Some Random Garden Pictures and Comments

This is a 'Delicious' variety tomato and it is by far the fastest and strongest grower.  It will produce 1-2 pound tomatoes. It is a must for all gardens. I have 30 plus tomatoes planted and this is the strongest.

'Delicious' Tomato Variety

Some more container pictures. These are from last week. They have grown even more and need tending today.

All the tomatoes below are from last year's plants. The recent heat is sending up tomatoes. Even though we like to get them in early. Tomatoes really do excel in heat and catch up very quickly to transplants. Transplanting does save you 2-3 weeks in the long run. If your plants are sick... you can plant new plants right now!

Last Year's Cherry Tomatoes that Fell to the Ground

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