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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Not Quite from the Garden: Waterfalls From My Vacation

I thought I would share some pictures from my vacation. I was gone 5 days and the garden grew. Time proceeds without us.  We are both trivial and significant. The garden is a bit beat up but held up pretty well. A few neighbors watered my container plants and they look healthy. Tomorrow I will groom and tend to the plants.

But first... here are some pictures from a park in New York. Gardens brings a level of tranquility and peace to many people and so does Nature, all in all, when we take the time to embrace it.  Waterfalls always seem to be peaceful. I do write poetry. At the end of the pictures is a poem I recently wrote. Inspired by many things and finished off with my walk through this gorge of small waterfalls.


Do not sit in mediocrity.
It is like a clear blue day,
Thick with humidity.
Where the sun shines yellow;
like a second hand street peddler.

Copyright Gary Pilarchik 6/27/2011

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