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Saturday, July 16, 2011

How is the Garden Vegetable Vine Trellis Doing?

I blogged about creating a basic garden trellis to allow your vine crops to grow upwards. It is a great way to save space. Here is a picture of my Armenian cucumbers. They are growing out of control and without the trellis, they would have taking over the entire plot. By the way, the Armenian cucumber appears to be quite better at resisting insects and disease compared to ALL my other cucumbers.

A Basic Garden Vine Trellis Built for Under $10: Gary Pilarchik
An Trellis for Armenian Cucumbers: Gary Pilarchik
A Basic Garden Vine Trellis from the Side: Gary Pilarchik

It works. Notice the cucumber on the bottom. To the right are some dwarf vine melons. By using the garden trellis, I was able to maximize the growing space and plant MELONS. 

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