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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Squash Bugs Revisited: Yep in My House

Squash bugs have been an active topic on my blog. With continual pursuit of the eggs and dusting the stems (target dusting) of my plants, I am managing them. I found more eggs yesterday and today. They have now been laying eggs for 3 weeks. 

I think they have a superior insect intelligence. They must have planned. They infilitrated my house and created a nice swarm under a spaghetti squash in my house. How did they get in? Check out the pictures.

Squash Bugs and Squash Bug Eggs in My House!: Gary Pilarchik

Squash Bug Eggs Laid on the Stem of a Spahgetti Squash: Gary Pilarchik

They plotted and came in hidden on the stem.  So far in Maryland it looks like you can start looking for squash bug eggs toward the end of June and through mid July. Keep looking. One group of eggs leads to dozens of bugs.

Here is what the squash bug eggs look like on a leaf:

Squash Bug Eggs on the Underside of a Leaf: Gary Pilarchik

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