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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Melons: Minnesota, Black, Tiger Oh My!

My 'Minnesota Melons', 'Black Melons', and 'Tiger Melons' all matured. The 'Minnesota Melon' is exactly like a small cantaloupe in all respects and tastes great. The 'Black Melon' is like the red sweet watermelon you know. It is a tad less sweet but delicious. The 'Tiger Melon' is white fleshed with just a hint of cantaloupe flavor. It is kind of lacking in taste but worth growing for the novelty.

'Minnesota' 'Tiger' 'Black' Melons

The 'Tiger' is white fleshed. The 'Black' is red. And the the 'Minnesota' is orange.

Small Garden Melons: Gary Pilarchik

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