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Monday, July 18, 2011

Maryland Zone 7: Heat, Humidity, Blight, Deep Soak

So far so good! Very little if any signs of Early Blight on my tomatoes. I lost 2 to Septoria leaf spot. The spot is around but managed. Two tomatoes lost out of over 30 plants. Not bad.

The heatwave (another) is coming with humidity this week. Looks like little rain. Now is the time to boost your garden. 

  • Deep soak all the plants. Tomatoes and especially all vine crops.
  • Check the squashes again for eggs. Dust with treatment of choice.
  • Give your vine crops your choice of liquid fertilizer.
  • If you haven't give your tomatoes a side dressing or liquid fertilizer, give them a shot.
  • Plant your second round of beets and beans now.
  • SPRAY SPRAY preventatively. I use sulfur spray on my tomatoes. Get it on them.
  • Walk through the garden daily and remove ugly leaves with signs of anything.
It is important to preventatively battle bugs, disease, and even heat waves. 

The other thing to really do is to walk through the garden daily and pick all ripe fruit. Don't let it sit on the plants. While you do that, inspect every plant, and remove any leaf that looks like it has spot, blight, or mildew.

SO FAR not a single sign of mildew in my garden. I have had it every year.

Good Luck and Get Growing!

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