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Friday, July 8, 2011

Is this Blossom End Rot? Yes it is!

I have had tomatoes with blossom end rot and typically it is more symmetrical and fully on the bottom of the fruit. This is from the 'Delicious' variety and all the tomatoes are not like this. It is coming from different areas of the plant. There are 30 plus tomatoes on the plant.

All the damaged tomatoes have the damage on the bottom area.  I was wondering if this is some other disease. The leaves look green and healthy. No other signs of trouble.

So do you think it is blossom end rot or something else? Many confirmations from other gardeners for end rot. I am actually happy it is and not another issue.

I appreciate the feedback and the solution is adding gypsum to the soil. There are also products you can buy to spray on the leaves. I prefer the soil. What might I have done? I use peat moss. Sometimes I forget to mix lime in and other organic matter. If the PH gets to acidic... I read it can effect nutrient absorption. In this case... calcium.

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