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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tomato Profile: The 'Patio F Hybrid' Dwarf Tomato

Tomato Profile: The 'Patio F Hybrid' Dwarf Tomato

The 'Patio F Hybrid' Dwarf Tomato: Gary Pilarchik

It is a hybrid tomato. It is not a heirloom. Developed to provide fruit for containers and gardens with limited space. It was breed to produce fruit bigger then cherry size.

Shape, Size and Production:
It holds true to dwarf size of about 2 feet. The plant is compact and stout. The fruit varied from 2-4 ounces and it was round and red. The overall production was not disappointing and I would agree it is great for limited space. I had 4 tomato plants in the container pictured in this blog entry. It is a determinate variety that is ready in around 70 days once ground planted.

Taste and Use:
I was not impressed by the taste. It was a bit acidic but not strong and it tasted like tomato but no character. It wasn't sweet. My impression was "yeah it tastes like a tomato." 

Poor Fair Good Great Outstanding directly off the vine.
Poor Fair Good Great Outstanding salted on a plate.
Poor Fair Good Great Outstanding sliced and in a salad.
Poor Fair Good Great Outstanding in a salsa dish.
Poor Fair Good Great Outstanding as a sauce or a paste.

Poor Fair Good Great Outstanding as an overall tomato.

Mainstay - Throw-A-Way - Another Day:
It will get another day in my garden only because I have seed. It was the first to get Septoria leaf spot and though I controlled it with my sulfur spray, it wasn't really worth the effort. But since I have extra seeds, I will use them.

Let me know if you recommend any other good dwarf tomatoes.

'Patio F Hybrid' Tomato with Good Sized Fruit: Gary Pilarchik

Another Look at the Tomato Production: Gary Pilarchik

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