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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Perfecting Pizza First

Guest post written by Cynthia Baird

I know that it might sound a little silly to you, but I'm almost 30 and I really don't know how to cook! The occasion has never really arisen for me to learn how to cook really well and I've used that as an excuse to put it off. Besides, I have a catalog of take out menus that would make any college student deathly jealous. But I'm tired of depending on those menus and want to be able to enjoy something that I've whipped up myself.

While I was looking online for a cookbook for beginning cooks like me, I saw the site I read through it and after that I decided to buy a domain name and start a blog that would talk about my road to learning how to cook. I thought that it might be a good way to start and keep staying on that track, especially if some of my friends and family are reading it and seeing what I'm doing. If anything that will at least give me even more of an incentive.

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