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Sunday, July 10, 2011

What Do Hatched Squash Bug Eggs Look Like?: Tending Squash.

I hope some of you found and destroyed batches of squash bug eggs. The goal is to reduce the number of hatching squash bugs. I  am sure I removed over 600 eggs but I also new I was missing some. Here are the results of missed eggs.

Squash Bug Eggs: Gary Pilarchik

In Maryland (Zone 7) the time to look for the squash bug eggs is end of June and beginning of July. If you find them... tear the leaf around them or remove the leaf and get the eggs into the trash can.

Below are several pictures of hatched eggs and the growing squash bugs. I will give you some combat ideas at the end of the pictures.

Hatched Squash Bugs: Gary Pilarchik
Hatched Squash Bugs: Gary Pilarchik
A Bit More Mature Squash Bug: Gary Pilarchik

Above are freshly hatched squash bugs. Below are additional squash bug eggs I found as I found the hatchlings.  The point is you have to look for eggs over, probably, a two week period. I don't know the cycle of squash bug reproduction but is possible eggs can show up anytime. Anyone know?

More Squash Bug Eggs I Found as I Found Hatchlings: Gary Pilarchik

The best way to dispose of the squash bug hatchlings is to look for them and smash them. I am sure they make snacks for other insects.  You should move your plant and rotate the leaves and make it more difficult for them to hide.

I don't recommend dusting your entire plant with Sevin Dust but I do recommend putting Sevin Dust on the stem of you plant where the stem meets the soil. This is my personal choice on how to use a non-organic treatment. 

You can try sprays like soap spray or organic sprays that will kill on contact and not harm the good insects.

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