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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Finding Squash Bug Eggs: Seek and Remove!

If it isn't the diseases, it's insects. Now is the time of the Squash Bug and other beetles, like the vine borers. I wish we could just plant and forget but we can't.

It is time to lift the leaves of your squash, zukes, and even cukes to look for eggs. Any egg is a bad egg. Well I suppose there is a chance that the eggs are some awesome good insect. I am however, not skilled enough to know the difference or lucky enough to have them in my garden.

Here are some pictures that sum up... Seek and Remove!

My Zucchini Plant a Target of the Squash Bug: Gary Pilarchik
The Eggs of the Squash Bug: Gary Pilarchik
Bend Each Leaf Over and Look For Eggs: Gary Pilarchik
More Squash Bug Eggs: Gary Pilarchik
Squash Bug Eggs are on the Underside of Leaves: Gary Pilarchik
Look for Squash Bug Eggs Under Every Leaf: Gary Pilarchik
Squash Bug Eggs Leaf Number Four: Gary Pilarchik
A Close Up of Squash Bug Eggs: Gary Pilarchik
Another Close Up of Squash Bug Eggs: Gary Pilarchik
More Squash Bug Eggs: Gary Pilarchik
5 Leaves of Squash Bug Eggs from 2 Plants: Gary Pilarchik

You can see the I put up a lot of pictures of Squash Bug eggs. Why so many? I wanted to hit home the point that they are here and they are on your plants. You have to take the time to look for them. They will damage and destroy your plants. Remove the leaves, or tear the leaves to get the eggs and put them in the trash.

I also drop Sevin Dust on the base of my plants. It will target the main access point of the plant by beetles. 

Good Hunting!

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