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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Tomato Hornworm and Happy Hour

Now it might not be a baby Tomato Hornworm but it sure is acting like one. I usually find them full size. This is my 'Virgina Sweets' tomato plant. It is already dealing with growing infected with a mosaic virus. I kept this tomato (versus pulling it) around just to taste the fruit. This tomato was nearing the 1 pound range before I noticed markings and found this guy on the bottom. It is a striped tomato so the colors are correct.

I did lose a taste of the tomato but I did find this guy on Friday. All wasn't a loss, my wife did fix a summer 'Happy Hour' drink made with watermelon for our standard at home Friday -  Happy Hour.  Well happy 15 minutes, the kids are always needing something... be it the computer I am using or the room we are in.

Baby Tomato Hornworm: Gary Pilarchik

Tomato Hornworm Damage: Gary Pilarchik

A Growing Tomato Hornworm: Gary Pilarchik

Tomato Hornworm on 'Virginia Sweets' Variety: Gary Pilarchik

Happy Hour: Gary Pilarchik

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