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Thursday, May 5, 2011

What's Up in the Garden: New Projects and Plantings

A lot is up. I ate my winter kale and removed it. I planted a Mortgage Lifter tomato in that area, built a chicken wire pole bean trellis, and planted some lettuce in that space. I will be getting pictures up this week. The beans were planted in cups and put in the ground.

I planted some tiger melons and black melons. Supposedly rare. I want melons this year to have some fruit to go along with my vegetables. I planted them in cells first and they went directly into the ground along the fence a few days ago.

The asparagus is about spent and I am letting it grow. The radishes and growing nicely but only a few groups are getting nice radishes. The rest are getting leaves. Not sure why.

I have planted my containers with tomatoes and put in about 13 varieties in the ground.

The plants I am selling are in the best shape, I think in 5 years. All that work of protecting them paid off.

I have a rabbit shredding my beats. They are clever in that they don't kill the plant. I cut up lots of chives a dropped them around the garden. Going with a myth that it repels animals. I have chased the rabbit and scared it well. I hope it has long term memory.

My freshly planted greens are pretty large. I am making salads from them. I have my four varieties of peppers in.

I bought an eggplant and that is in. And finally the peas are about 4 inches tall. I think they are growing slowly. Hopefully the burst up soon.

Let's see if I have any random pictures.

Some of my containers planted withperennials

I ate a lot of the kale flowers. Here is what they looked liked. They are great tasting.

Thinned beets, kale flowers, arugula, and chive flowers

Cooked in olive oil. A bit of oil is used because it was used to dress the pasta. Delicious!

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  1. I have rabbits watching my new garden and they have already "tasted" my bell pepper (left it there of course). I would like to deter them before my peas/beans come up (they are starting to).

    Have you tried/had success with using chicken wire?


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