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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Building a Climbing/Pole Bean Trellis

A great way to have more in your garden is to build a trellis. This is a simple bean trellis that can be used for small fruited vine crops too.

The cost was $10.00. You need some chicken wire 24 inches x 10 feet ($7) and some 6 foot bamboo poles ($3).  The poles come 6 to a pack and are thin.

Simply unroll the chicken wire and fold it in half so you have 2 - 5 foot sections. The poles get weaved easily up the sides. You will need four poles. Leave the excess pole length at the bottom of the mesh wire. That is the part the goes in the soil as anchors. I will be building another one later and while get some step by step pictures in.  Here is a completed project.

You can see in the front I also made a climbing support for beans by just crossing 2 bamboo poles. The trellis is in the back and will support 6 to 8 pole bean plants. Notice I placed it in the garden so I could reach into it from the side mulch path. You want to be able to get to the beans easily without steppiing in the garden box.

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