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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Septoria Leaf Spot on Tomatoes: A Good Article

I had 33 tomato plants in. I forget about the hanging baskets. I pulled one plant out because of Septoria. It was a plant I put in - in my Cold Weather tomato experiment. It wasn't growing well from the start.  Four others showed some leaf spotting and I removed those leaves. I have sprayed them for the last 2 weeks with my sulphur spray mixed with some copper. I also gave them an aspirin bath and a follow up aspirin drink with some liquid fertilizer a week later.

The remaining 32 plants are growing strong. What remains of Septoria is the four plants with spots on their stems. Their leaves are fine. I am trying to read up on and find out if my sprays or other sprays stop the spread only and kill off what is there. That is... will spraying stop the advance for good, if you spray long enough. I haven't found an answer but to say Septoria and Early Blight are plagues. There isn't much home gardeners and plot gardeners can do but spray. Basically, what I read says... get use to it. The reason is rotating crops is the key to managing the diseases. Well... we don't have the room to rotate our crops great distances. That means wind and splashing will kindly move the spores around.

I have been spraying every couple of days lightly with a good soaking 1x a week.

I am keeping my 4 stem infected plants because I want to see what happens. Most literature states it will eventually catch the tomato but I can still get a good harvest.  And as of right now the upper growth is strong. I want to see if spraying the stem will disrupt the cycle of fungus spores. I am curious. I might even make a vaseline sulphur mixture and spread it on the stem. What the heck. Let's see.

I also planted new seeds last week and will replace plants if needed in the 3rd week of June. Just in time for Early Blight to come. Woohoo.

This is a good article to learn from: A Good Article On Leaf Spot: Septoria

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