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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Replanting a Strawberry Box: The Rabbits Whipped Me!

Well the rabbits defoliated my strawberries. I'll have very few to eat. The birds can now see the fruit like red blinking beacons from the sky.  A side note, the big stores are putting plants on sale. I picked up 5 strawberry plants for .75 cents each. Normally they are $3 or so.

In pictures,  a quick planting of new strawberries in a row container I built.

Old Plants Gone, Soil Loosened, Fertilized and Amended

The Five Orphans I got for .75 cents. Spaced as to be Planted.

The Crown is Between My Fingers. Don't Bury It. Keep it Above Ground.

Replanted! The Stragglers on the Bottom are Runners from the Replaced.

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