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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Things to Come and GO in the Garden

Looks like Blogspot lost some entries here. They shut down for a while. But are back up.

One thing I hope that goes is the holes in my fence. I have rabbits. I am plugging holes. They took out my entire sweet potato patch. A dozen peas, lettuces and two rows of beets. Argh. I am chasing them with sticks to find how the get out of the yard.

The plant sale is today. If you need any plants come by between 9 and 1. I had an entry with all for sale but that was one that get erased. I have everything though.

I added Kiwi's. I bought a male and female plant. They are cold hardy varieties to -30. I'll get pictures up soon. I am adding fruit to the garden this year.

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