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Monday, May 16, 2011

The Cabbage Caterpillar: Identifying and Destroying It... Them

Well I should be using BT to spray my leaves but I can't find it. It is lost in a mess of my garage.

So, in pictures, look for holes. Once you see holes you know the green cabbage caterpillar is there. If you look on the leaves you will also see green droppings. Look carefully, you will see them.  The caterpillar probably has a name. I will look for it. No it isn't Bill.

My kale... it attacks the leaves of the cabbage family. Notice the clear holes. The eggs are laid by those dang ugly white moths you saw about 1-2 weeks ago.

Green Caterpillar Damage to My Kale

The caterpillar is in the above picture. But to make it easier take a look at the end of the stick.

The Caterpillar is Right on the Point
I Moved it for a Better Look
Removed and Killed

If there is one there is more. Carefully check the leaves with holes. They don't like to move. Check the front and backs of the holed leaves and down the stem. I found three on this plant.

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