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Friday, May 27, 2011

Planting a Hardy Kiwi -30 degrees: Male and Female Needed

I purchased an 'Anna' variety kiwi (female). It is not like the grocery store fuzzy kiwi. It is a smaller more grape-like variety and you eat the fruit and skin like a grape. Who knew. I did expect a fuzzy kiwi but after researching it I learned there are many varieties. The cold hardy are smaller and good to Zone 4.

I planted my male and female kiwi where I get a lot of water. I built the ground up with cheap dirt and used some pebbles to help with immediate drainage around the root base. I read they like moisture so...

My Kiwi's - Male and Female and Sweet Potatoes.

The Male. Any Variety Works as a Pollinator.

The Female. 'Anna' Variety.  Good to -30 degrees.

The Neglected Area.

Turned the Ground .

Cheap Dirt I say Don't Buy. I Bought a Bag to Check it Out. It was Fine.

A Full Bag Dump in,  Mixed, and Turned in with My Clay.

The Dug Out Hole and Stones in the Bottom.

The Female Goes in Level to How it was Potted.

The Male on the Left and Female on Right.

I finished it off with mulch and put in 6 foot bamboo poles in a X. This was about 7 days ago.  The female has already grown to the top of the pole and 6 inches past. I read I will get about 100 pounds of kiwis in about 3 years. I also read they can grow 30 feet. I will get more pictures up and figure out how to train it. I found these at Lowe's. Under $10 each. 

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