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Monday, May 2, 2011

Thanks for Helping Make the Plant Yard Sale a Success: List of Plants

On Saturday the weather was great and so were the people. A lot of people came out. I appreciate everyone taking time out of their day to stop by. Believe it or not... I still have a lot left. I went through dozens of trays too. On May 22nd, I will be bringing tons of  tomatoes, peppers, veggies, flowers, and herbs to the Giant parking lot flea market. I have new plants growing for that date. And then I am done and will be building new projects in my garden.

For the rest of May, I sell off what is in my yard on the weekends on a casual basis. People are welcome to come by or email me. I will put a list together of what I have left. I know a lot of people plant their gardens mid May when the nights are truly 50 degrees plus. I have plants!

Thanks Again

THE LIST of Plants Left

The Tomatoes

Black Plum (Heirloom small teardrop/Mahogany)
Delicious (2 pound fruit. I grow it every year/Red)
Mexico (Heirloom 1 pound fruit/Pink-Red)
Orange Russian (Heirloom Oxheart shape/Bicolor: yellow and orange)
Patio F Hybrid (Your dwarf container cherry tomato/Red)
Super Beefsteak (Your summer standard 1 pound sandwich tomato)
Mortgage Lifter (Heirloom 12 oz to 1 1/2 pounds Red)
Marglobe (Heirloom 6-8 oz determinate)
Baxter's Bush Cherry (Determinate)
Polish Linguisa (Heirloom sweet paste. Great for sauce)
Black Krim (Heirloom Russian variety. 12 oz )
Homestead (Semi-determinate 8 oz. Very productive)
Cherokee Purple (Heirloom pink purple large fruit)
Brandywine Red (Amish heirloom with great flavor and texture)
Bonnie Best (Heirloom determinate Very prolific)
Bradley (Indeterminate 6-8 oz fruits. Large plant)
Rutger's Select (Heirloom with medium sized fruit)
Virginia Sweets (Heirloom gold red bicolor with 1lb fruit
Aussie (Heirloom Australia 1lb Red Fruit)

The Peppers

Jaloro Jalapeno It is the first yellow jalapeno developed out of the Texas Agricultural Extension Service.
Purple Jalapeno The fruit of this pepper turns dark purple and stays that way for a long time. It will eventually turn red.
Jalapeno M Your standard green jalapeno that grows 3 inches long and is about 1 and 1/2 inch wide. It stays dark green for a long time and then turns red.
Giant Aconcagua A pepper that is sweet as apples. 8 inch oblong fruit that is great for stuffing. It should be picked light green and it will turn red.
Wonder Bell Standard large green bell pepper


Basil Large leave variety ready for planting (READY IN A WEEK)
Parsley Flat leaf variety, ready for planting
Chives You standard chives, ready for planting
Rosemary A bit beat up from the cold, needs some more time in the cup
Lavender Same as the rosemary
Cilantro Growing strong and might need a week more in the cup before transplanting
Oregano Greek variety. Great taste and scent. It is ready for the ground

Lots of Annuals and Perennials maturing too.

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