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Monday, June 28, 2010

What is Tomato Disease Resistance?

So yeah, my distorted leaves, mosaic virus? I want to believe my distorted tomatoes are from insect damage at the growing tips. Realistically, probably a virus. And the insect damage is how the virus was spread. I will figure it out by years end. I'll be doing a bunch of pictures to help show the issue. The bottom line, I want to get rid of it. One way to battle disease is by growing disease resistant plants. T is for tobacco mosaic virus. Next year, I will be growing varieties that are resistant to T.

Here is a list of what the letters stand for:

Disease resistance in tomatoes indicated by initials include:

V - Verticillium wilt
F - Fusarium wilt (F1, race 1; F2, race 2)
N - nematode
T - tobacco mosaic virus
A - Alternaria alternata (crown wilt disease)
L - Septoria leaf spot
St - Stemphylium or gray leaf spot
TSWV - Tomato spotted wilt virus

Here is a  link to a full table of tomato plant varieties and their disease resistance: http://vegetablemdonline

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