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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Did You Know About Public Domain Gardening Books on Line?

Books become public domain after X amount of years. Google has made it so all public domain books are on electronic file. What does that mean? Gardening doesnt change much over the years. What worked 100 years ago works today. You can find all kinds of usefull information by going to Public Domain Books. You can use Google or do a search of the web for other sources.

I have found 100's of book and magazine articles on vegetable gardening. It's very cool to see all the old ads and pictures too. Next rainy day or winter's day, search public domain.

Google link to Google Public Domain Vegetable Gardening

You can go to Google and select Books. Put in the title you want to search and click search. Down the left column are options. From the options select Public Domain.

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