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Friday, June 11, 2010

Progress of My Tomatoes as of June 11th

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My Concord grapevine. I think it is in it's 4th year.
Gary Pilarchik 2010

Here are the tomatoes I grew from seed. Today is Friday June 11th. 

In order left to right. 1st Prize, Aussie Heirloom, 
and Aunt Gertie's  Gold Heirloom
Gary Pilarchik 2010

 In the middle plant is a Black Cherry.  Far left is Delicious Heirloom 
and far right is the Whopper. Both 1- 2 pound tomatoes.
Gary Pilarchik 2010

The one to the left in the back is the tomato I planted April 4th 
in the hot-house cage I made. It has some good size fruit on it.
Gary Pilarchik 2010

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