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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Plant Pics

This is a guest post by Ashlyn Merdon

I am a horticulturist and I have been studying plants and flowers since my early days as a child. Whenever the spring season would come around I would pull on my shoes and go looking for plants to study in my own garden, around town and in the local parks and botanical gardens. Flowers and plants have always been fascinating to me and I like to study hybrid flowers and keep a record of new or interesting specimens that I find.

As a child it was harder to document these new and interesting budding flowers because I did not have a camera. I pretended to make a camera with my hands and then I made a clicking noise with my tongue to pretend like I was taking an actual picture. I am now very thankful that my daughter purchased a digital camera for me because I can take pictures of everything.

I keep albums on Flickr of all of the beautiful flowers that bloom in the spring and summer and I use the wireless satellite internet to keep them organized and neat. I love to have this photo album handy because it makes planning next years garden so much easier when I have recorded images of what each years garden produces by day, week and month. This photo sharing resource makes it much easier to organize.

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