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Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Picture of Bolting Lettuce

Cool season crops get planted very early. Lettuce is a cool season crop. Once the temperature gets into the high 80's, lettuce begins to bolt. I figured a picture will best explain bolting. During this time the lettuce tends to get bitter. When you break a leaf, you will notice a white fluid seeping out. In short, lettuce changes when it bolts and it is less appealing. It is preparing to flower and make seeds. I like the bitterness mixed in with other non bitter greens.

Below is red leaf lettuce that has bolted. You will notice 3 large spikes forming. Eventually it will flower and create seed.

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Bolting Red Leaf Lettuce
Gary Pilachik 2010

Lettuce can be planted again in mid August. Fall is the second cool season for greens. 

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