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Monday, June 21, 2010

Burglar Alarms, Safety and Home Security

We just returned from the weekend. Our home was safe and the garden continues to grow. My first concern when returning is always - was the house damaged or broken into. We have had our cars broken into and my mother had a GPS system stolen while we were in the house. No I don't live with my mom, they were just visiting. We do a lot to keep the critters out of the garden, the same should be done to make sure the family and house is safe and doesn't get burglarized. A great place to start and see what is available is at burglar alarms from home security team. They are an ADT authorized company and offer a wide range of packages.

Noise is the best deterrent for both unwanted garden and human critters. Thieves, like garden rodents are opportunistic. They don't want to work hard for the reward of stealing your property. Dealing with a security system is hard work for a criminal and therefore the best deterrent.

Many of the packages from the home security team include installation. Many of us are capable of do-it-yourself projects. Here is some information on home installation. The biggest issue, like gardening, is planning. It is important to take the time to identify all entry points you want to secure and how you will manage the security system.  Here are additional tips and things you can do with a security system. Smoke detectors can be incorporated into the system. Back-up systems can be put in place for power outages or even cut phone lines. The security keypads can be set up like intercoms to the security monitoring center. You can get instant access to them without having to use a phone. If you have need, video cameras can also be part of your design. The bottom line is any type of security system can be developed for your home. The key is to not make it easy for a criminal.

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