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Friday, June 11, 2010

Kitchen Remodeling

This is a guest post by Antonia Morales

I recently used kitchen remodeling Sears to make my kitchen more modern. The kitchen that came with the house was from the 60’s, so it needed a little more work to make it appealing. I first went through different home magazines to see what other people did to make their kitchens more modern. I also looked in local home improvement stores and looked at some of the catalogs that they had to get a few more ideas. I looked around different stores to look at some of the more modern appliances that they had on display. I made a list of what I wanted to do and things I needed before I went shopping.

I went to the store and purchased new floor tiles that resembled hardwood, gold paint for the walls, and granite countertops. Luckily the kitchen already had stainless steel appliances in it so that saved money as well as time. If the kitchen does not come with the color appliances that you want, then you can always change a few things to make it work.

This took close to two months for me to complete, but the kitchen came out great. It opened the house up more and made the kitchen fit in more with the rest of the house. It even added value to the house from what our realtor told us.

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