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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Decorating Your Home and Garden: Websites

Gardening becomes a life style. My blog is called The Rusted Garden because of the objects around the garden that are rusting. Decorating your garden and the exterior of your home reflect part of you. Items I leave out to accidentally  rust and objects from yard sales fill my garden. Catalogs and on-line sites are a great way to find items that add to your garden and home. One web-site I found is mailboxandbeyond.

They offer all kinds of mailboxes, address plaques, personalized home and garden decor. They offer a very large variety of Whitehall Products. They have mailboxes, garden hose holders, door mats, sundials, bird feeders, birdbaths and hooks &  hangers. Many of which can be personalized to your wish. Creating a unique and relaxing environment is part of gardening.

They specialize in personalized address signs and house address plaques. They offer a low price guarantee and no shipping on many items. You can get plaques made for the garden that state when the garden was established. I am considering getting a plaque made for my entry gate that will welcome people to The Rusted Garden. Est. 1999 the year we moved in to raise our family.

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