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Monday, June 14, 2010

Always Look the Door

Guest post from my friend Ben Ryans.

This may seem very obvious, but the best way I can make my home safer is by always locking the door, in addition to a ADT videohome security system that is already in place. If you do not already, I highly recommend having a family meeting with family members to discuss this one simple rule: always lock the door.

It was two summers ago, when I noticed how often the door was left unlocked in my home. I do live in a residential community that is known for its low crime rates. However, I still felt very unsafe when I discovered that the door was left unlocked. When it was left unlocked one too many times, I decided that I needed to step up and have a meeting with my family for many reasons.

I still remember that family meeting vividly in my mind. The kids wondered why I was so overly cautious. But, I explained to them that a criminal could walk into our home at any time they felt like it with the doors left unlocked. I also explained that many kidnappings occur because doors are left unlocked.

Ever since that family meeting, my kids respect me so much more for ensuring their safety. My advice is always remember to lock the doors to make your home safer.

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