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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tomato and Vegetable Test Plants for Sprays and Applications

I was just writing about test plants. I never used them in the past. I have been for a while now. No harm has come to the test plants but it's a good precautionary measure to take. I have 3 test tomatoes for sprays. It is possible a spray or application you use will harm a plant. You don't want to be the pest in your own garden. Test plants are a good idea.

I use wettable sulfur and I'm in the process of making an exact formula vs. my eyeball technique. Sulfur will burn your plants if the concentration is too high. Different leaves can take different strength of sulfur. The grape leaf is different then the tomato leaf that is different then the bean leaf. You need to be wise to your applications.

I don't have a huge garden but have a test plant row this year. Last year I had 1 test plant. I mostly only spray tomatoes, grapes, and cukes. If you cant grow test plants then create a routine of spraying the bottom 3 branches of tomatoes or similiar. In a week if all the bottow branches are fine, continue the spray. The bottom leaves are probably going to be removed anyway.

Test spraying should occur before the spraying time is needed. Test spraying while an outbreak is occuring would delay your spraying by several days to a week.

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