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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tomato Troubles Already! Argh.

(Added) I don't think it's a virus. Insects or stress maybe. I am going to dust my plants and replace the tomatoes that are damaged. My hot-house tomato that has been in the ground since April 4th and isolated from everything else has 1 growing tip with curled leaves. There are about 9 other tips that are perfectly fine. Since it is a determinate tomato, I am just letting it grow with very light pruning.  I only have about 60 plants left. Why worry.  Plenty of replacement plants that are all fine.

It seems 3 of my tomatoes have a strange leaf curl disease. I'll post a picture after the storms. Two plants are mine, I grew. One plant is from Riverhill Nursery. Two plants are next to each other and the other is in a separate plot. The leaves on the bottom are perfectly normal and growing normally the new growth from the top is, what's the technical word, messed up.

The new growth is green but the leaves are curled and distorted and smaller. This happen to 3 tomatoes last year on a different plot. Very bizarre. I planted all 3 plants the the same. No other ingredients besides 10 10 10 fertilizer. I read epsom salt can cause problems but haven't used it yet.  The two tomatoes next to each other had the aspirin planted with them. However, the third aspirin plants is healthy and growing quite nicely. Any tomato detectives out there?

Article on Leaf Curl Virus

I don't know if this is it. But time to collect data and ideas.

Great Link to Tomato Diseases

The Tobacco Etch Virus looks similar to leaf pattern.

Well here is a detailed article on Tomato Etch Virus. The transmitting agent are aphids. I had masses of aphids on my perennials. I've been smashing and dusting them. This may not be it disease wise but aphids are amok in my garden. Time to dust.

Details of the Tomato Etch Virus

Going to dust them now and yank them tomorrow. Argh!

Lesson Learned:  Aphids can carry virus. Dust.

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