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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Prevention Time For the Vegetable Garden

It is June. It is hot. Some humidity is around, so I think I will start early with prevention for disease.

Yesterday, I used water soluble copper to spray my grapes that get the same disease every year. The leaves get brown spots and the fruit follows suit. I mixed 1 ounce of copper per gallon and sprayed the plant. I removed the leaves that are showing signs. Success will be if I get finished unblemished fruit. They are in a place where the spray doesn't reach my other vegetables. I am not spraying the concord grape at this time.

I have my aspirin experiment going on with 3 tomatoes. I will put 2 aspirin (81 mg tablets) in a 2 gallon water can and water down the tomatoes. The aspirin is suppose to boost the immune response. I will also water the rest of the tomatoes with it. It can't hurt.

Today I am going to lay paper down around the base of the tomatoes and cover it with hard wood mulch. The mulch will get covered with grass clipping this weekend. I will also set 6 foot bamboo stakes next to the tomatoes and begin training them. The tomatoes are large enough I can remove a few branches. I will probably go a minimum of 1 foot up the plant to 2 feet (over time) to create a gap between the ground and first layer of leaves. Next week I will probably start with the sulfur spray on tomatoes and cucumbers. Early blight and powdery mildew prevention.

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