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Friday, April 6, 2012

What's Growing On at The Rusted Garden: Frost and Plans

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Friday and Saturday night are iffy for frost in the Maryland area. Argh! I have plants to put out!

I just bought an external drive with 1.5 tetra-bytes of space. I remember when 1 giga-byte was something. At least gardening doesn't change too much over time. I will now be able to create HD videos and not have to worry about storage for years.

This weekend I hope to get a blog entry up on potatoes - that is the new vegetable I am learning to grow.

I will be making several videos on the following topics.
  1. How to Protect Your Garden Vegetables From Frost
  2. How to Make the Ultimate Garden Slug Beer Trap and Use Iron Phosphate
  3. How to Transplant Your Cool Weather Crops (Kale and Cabbage)
  4. How to Start Tomatoes Indoors and Transplant Them to Cups

And that is about enough...

Good Luck with Your Garden!

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