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Monday, April 9, 2012

It is Not to Early to Think Disease Prevention on Tomatoes: Blights and Spots

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I want to stress the importance of disease prevention in the garden for Leaf Spots and Blights. There is no cure. There is no cure. Only prevention.

These classes of diseases are fungi. Fungi grow based on optimal environment and moisture. They need moisture to spread and the right environment to breed and spread.

Prevention for the gardener (I will detail more over time) is based on routine. It is important to remove diseased leaves ASAP and to spray your garden tomatoes and other plants preventatively.

Last year I used a sulphur spray I made and it kept the fungi in check. This year I am going to experiment with baking soda spray. What the sprays do is create a too acidic (sulphur) or too alkaline (baking soda) environment for the fungi spores to germinate (or whatever spores do).  This requires spraying at least one time weekly but I would recommend two times weekly.

I'll be blogging my recipes. Check out a web search on baking soda on tomatoes. It is very interesting.

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