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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Update on My Now 100 Tomatoes I Killed: Argh!

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I still have plenty of tomatoes but wanted to review my mistake. Like I said I watered the new transplants from the top. What that did as I compared them to my other transplanted tomatoes (that are doing well!) was:

  1. They did get a shock of cold water on their leaves. That is something they never felt. Seriously.
  2. The water filled the top of the cup and compacted the soil down much more tightly then the bottom watered tomatoes. That is less air and more pressure on the freshly disturbed roots.
  3. The plants seemed to die from 'damping off' which is the collective name for many types of fungi. Right at the base of the stem where it meets the soil... the stem got soft and the plant fell over and died. 
I have more tomatoes to transplant and more to get ready for my upcoming sale. A perfect day today for gardening. Enjoy!

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