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Saturday, April 21, 2012

So What Did You Do in Your Vegetable Garden This Week?

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I am curious to see and read what you are all doing in your gardens. Don't be shy and feel free to leave a comment or more... like a picture.

I was able to mange my blog and tweak it a bit over the last few days.  I shot 4 more garden videos but that was the technical 'gardening' work. For actual earth work...

Let see. I planted my leeks and will be getting my mustard greens, red kale and lettuces in tomorrow. I was able to pick radishes today and as well as pull a bunch of greens together for a salad. I put down my iron phosphate to start my annual war on slugs and snails and I transplanted a bunch of peppers and tomatoes into cups.

Tomorrow I am actually dreading cutting down all the dead tall grasses from last year and weeding. PAINFULLY BORING WORK.  Yes, I am way behind on that stuff and I have to cut the grass and all that. I like to clean the yard up so the garden stands out but I always seem to get distracted. Go CAPS (hockey fan).

I also want to put together another 4x4 raised bed. Believe it or not in my area they are calling for a string of 40 degree nights and 50 degree days with rain. Horrible weather - nothing like muddying up and catching the wrath of the wife for hand prints and feet prints in the house.

I hope all is well in your Gardens!

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