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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

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  1. Thanks for the upload. Unlike you, I have a very large 12 Gallon container. It is about 13" deep and 18" wide. I also have 2 peas, 3 french beans and 1 determinate type tomato plant. Do you think it will be wise to plant them all in the same container? And when you say " fertilize it often" what kind of fertilizer do you mean? I am currently only using some rich compost and Maxi Grow once in about a week.


    1. If you feel like your garden soil is pretty well fertilized at the start you would be good to go with just planting peas but you have a lot in there.

      I use water soluble fertilizer like Miracle Grow. Container veggies will feed heavily. You are packing a lot in yours. I would fertilize 1x weekly at 1/2 strength recommended on the instructions for the group of plants you have.

      Maybe that is what Maxi Grow is. I chose 1/2 strength because I find it works well enough when done weekly.

      As long as you keep it watered I think you can pack all those things in there. The tomato will be a heavy feeder. Maybe go to full strength liquid fertilizer when it reaches size for a boost of energy while its producing tomatoes.


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