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Sunday, April 22, 2012

ARGH! Slug and Snails in the Vegetable Garden

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Any suggestions out there on how to GREATLY reduce the number of slugs and snails out there in our gardens? Reduction is the key. What are some methods you use that would help us all out in this never ending war?

I don't know why I find a comment about another gardener's garden being invaded by snails as painful as if it were mine. Well... I guess I know the devastation they can rain (or is it reign) on months of hard work in transplants and preparation. It is awful.

The war on slugs and snails is never won but the damage can be greately reduced. I just shot this video about iron phosphate. It works. It works really well.  Beer traps help capture those pest ASAP but you can't make enough to cover the garden if you have a huge problem. Plus it becomes a waste of good beer, you soon feel like you are paying for the slugs to party. Consider Iron Phosphate. The ability to scatter it... is outstanding and that is what differs then a slug trap. And it wont KILL toads.

Good luck Heather


  1. Handpicking them is the best method I have found. It is also the least expensive. Go out every night with a headlamp and a cup of soapy water. I just use my bare hands and afterwards wipe the slime off with a paper towel. Get what you can off of the plants and the ground. Eventually their numbers will decrease.

    1. That is true and you tend to find the biggest fattest slugs that are probably the breeders. I find it really is a game of reducing numbers. Thanks for taking the time to comment.


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