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Friday, April 6, 2012

Another Stab at Planting Potatoes: Step One Planting in Containers

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Last year I made 2 mistakes. I started too late and I baked my potatoes by using green grass to cover potato growth. Basically the black trash bag and green grass began a compost process that raised the temperature of the cut grass to well over 100 degrees. In the middle of the heat was my potato stalks. Baked potatoes and not in a good way!

This year my old potatoes began sprouting in their pots. I took that as Nature's cue to plant potatoes now.

You basically want to plant potatoes 2-4 inches below the surface in 6-8 inches of soil when using containers. As the growth (stalks) reach 6 to 8 inches, you cover 1/2 the stalks with soil. You raise the soil up 3 to 4 inches every time the stalks get (as stated) 6 to 8 inches high.

The reason you do that is to increase the yield of your potato plant. Potatoes grow out from the stalk. The more you cover the stalk by 1/2 with soil... the more potatoes you will get.

Here is the planting step of potatoes in containers. Ill show the other steps as these grow. I hope.

Seed Potatoes from Walmart- The Rusted Garden: Gary Pilarchik

The seed potatoes have stalk growth on them. The reason they have so much is because they sat in my car trunk for 7 days. Who knew?  The container below has about 6-8 inches of fluffed soil in it. It is very loose.

3 Potatoes for this Container: Gary Pilarchik
Potatoes 2-4 Inches Deep - The Rusted Garden: Gary Pilarchik

Fill a 5 gallon container about 1/3 the way and plant a potato in the middle about 2-4 inches deep. Two potatoes would be fine... just space them out. The potatoes in the 5 gallon bucket probably will be smaller but this fine for baby potatoes. I am not a seasoned potato grower! One day maybe but the great thing about gardening is there is always something to learn. Advice is appreciated.

Potatoes in 5 Gallon Containers: Gary Pilarchik


  1. I bought a potato container at my local WalMart store-going to see how that turns out. I accidently cut one of the potatoes so doubtful it will turn out. Hopefully they will produce and I won't have to dig into the ground!!

  2. I wish you luck. If you let the cut potato air dry the cut for a few days, it usually is fine when planting. It sort of scabs in a sense.


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