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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Video: Different Methods of Planting Lettuce (Succession)

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Lettuce is a great garden vegetable. Some quick points.

  1. Succession planting is planting in waves. You plant in waves so you don't end up with all your lettuce at one time. You can do this with any fast growing vegetable like radishes or spinach. Plant some every two weeks for example.
  2. Lettuce will continue to grow leaves if you leave the roots in the ground. If you cut a mature head of lettuce, cut it right in the garden and leave the roots in the ground. You will get more lettuce. Who doesn't want that?
  3. When transplanting lettuce, it is best transplanted on cloudy or rainy days or in the evenings. Lettuce is 90% water and the sun is bad for lettuce transplants.
Succession planting can refer to the same vegetables or other vegetables. You might have a radish bed,  have another vegetable started in seed trays and when the radishes finish... you immediately get the new vegetable transplants in. This saves time and maximizes your space.

If you had a small space with lettuce and couldn't plant waves of lettuce at different times in the actual garden, you could plant your garden with lettuce and wait 2 weeks and start lettuce in cell trays. Once the garden planted lettuce was close to harvest, the lettuce transplants could go out next to it.

Let me know if you have questions! Ill write more on succession planting this week.

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