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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What's Been Growing on at The Rusted Garden: Scatter Plots

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Well, I have about 300 tomatoes out and growing in cups. I started more tomatoes to make up for the 100 I killed off. I was able to plant a 2nd wave of radishes a bit back and they are up. I have my herbs in cups, I planted cukes and beans in cups and transplanted other stuff too. Here are some pictures of some of my progress. Oh... and I have been making videos (garden videos that is) and have a hot-house tomato growing. I hope to get some 'Black Krims' before June.

1st Wave of Radishes and Over-Wintered Russian Kale: Gary Pilarchik
Scattered Carrot Plot, Celery and Beets: Gary Pilarchik

The scattered carrot plot is doing really well. I just weeded it yesterday. The carrots are up and growing pretty quickly. A scatter plot is a method of sowing seeds. I'll update there growth but I can tell you there are pretty evenly spaced and probably won't need much thinning. The beets are from cell trays as is the celery. I bought them at my local nursery.

Below is another scatter plot and you can see how the lettuces were spaced out. This is for baby lettuce and therefore planting them closer together will work. I am not waiting for mature heads. I'll cut and snip and leave the roots in the ground. If you leave lettuce roots in the ground, they will support new leaf growth.

Scatter Plot of Mixed Lettuces - The Rusted Garden: Gary Pilarchik
Asparagus and Over-Wintered Onions: Gary Pilarchik

I did cook some asparagus in the house. But I typically just break stems off and eat it while I am in the garden.

'Black Krim' Gets a Hot-House Tomato Cage: Gary Pilarchik

And here are all my plants in cups. I am praying for NO MORE FROST. Ah well... a gardener's life.

Maturing Garden Transplants - The Rusted Garden: Gary Pilarchik

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