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Friday, April 20, 2012

Vegetable Planting Instructions: What is This?

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I will be adding five menus/navbars to The Rusted Garden. I feel there is no easy way for visitors to search and find information so... I've decided to create modern menus/navbars for the blog. There are going to be five main vertical high end navbars to organize information. The old stuff will stay. The trick is finding the free code.

If anyone knows of sites that build vertical navigation bars that expand when highlited, I would love the link. Thanks.

The five new main navigation bars will be:

Vegetable Nutrition Value
Vegetable Planting/Tending Instructions
Vegetable Seed Starting
Vegetable Recipes
Garden Videos
Maybe Pest and Disease Control (so six)

The sub menus of each main title would be broken down by vegetable or topic and a further menu may define that for instance. Something like this:

Vegetable Planting/Tending Instructions
                                                                      Radish Round/Globe
                                                                      Radish Long Root

Vegetable Nutrition Value will highlite the nutritional benefits of a vegetable and what it contains. I figured it is nice to know what you get out of eating a specific vegetable.

Vegetable Planting/Tending Instructions will provide information about the basic planting instructions for plants in the earth, raised beds and in containers. It will also talk about tending and harvesting.

Vegetable Seed Starting will provide information about starting specific vegetable seeds indoors and transtplanting outdoors.

Vegetable Recipes will include recipes for your garden produce. Recipes I have created and found.

Garden Videos will be a quick method to navigate the videos I am making.

If feel these five buttons will provide visitors and readers with an easy way to find the information they may need to better enjoy gardening. So if The Rusted Garden is in a bit of disarray... I'm constructing.

Thanks and Good Gardening!

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