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Monday, January 30, 2012

How the Jan 4th Herbs Are Doing and A Strange Mushroom

Great!  You saw the parsley. Here are the rest. Looks like I will be transplanting all weekend.  A bonus mushroom too.

A Mushroom in a Herb Flat: Gary Pilarchik

Nothing in sterile, unless you buy heat pasteurized starting mix and soil. You are always bringing something from somewhere to yourwhere.  The above mushroom just sprouted 26 days in and lasted 2 days. Also notice how tall the thyme has grown. It is about ready for transplanting along with the parsley.

About 28 Days of Growth Chives and Thyme: Gary Pilarchik
Bottom Left is Oregano and More Thyme: Gary Pilarchik
A Flat of Chives, Thyme and Oregano: Gary Pilarchik


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