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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Vegetable Garden Project #1: A Storage Container Greenhouse!

How much easier can a garden project be?  I just bought 4 mostly transparent plastic storage containers with flap opening tops. I believe this project will work and all I had to do was be a bit creative. I looked at greenhouse shelving units. Cost for a four level unit was $49.99. That isn't unreasonable but I continued to look around and thought the unit wasn't much different than stacking storage containers but it was less mobile. I found the storage containers on sale for under $4.00.

The idea is that I wanted 4 containers versus a 4 tiered 1 piece unit. The reasons:

  • I can easily move 4 containers into the garage if needed
  • I can rotate the containers from top to bottom to change the light
  • I can move the containers around the yard and use different lengths of sunlight
  • I can open and close the flaps to let air or water in
  • I can sit them all on the ground if storm with high winds is due
  • Essentially they are much more mobile and friendly to my needs

This project, so to speak, will allow me to load them up for 'Hardening Off' my tomato transplants and to let all my transplants grow outside while protected. Another benefit is I can bottom water the plants that I put in each storage container. Sounds practical and I think they are transparent enough to let sunlight in effectively.

A Vegetable Garden Storage Container Greenhouse: Gary Pilarchik

Here is what they might look like with sun coming through them. I think it will be a very effective mini type of greenhouse that will let me get my plants out in March. We will see. The ability to move the containers around is great when, as mentioned, you are 'Hardening Off' your indoor vegetable transplants. Vegetable plants grown indoors have little resistance to the sun. You have to slowly expose them to the sun over a 7-10 day period as to not let the sun burn and damage the transplants. It is like slowly getting a tan.

A Storage Container Greenhouse for 'Hardening Off' Transplants: Gary Pilarchik


  1. Very good idea but a better one would have been to buy the wheeled ones. They would be easier to move once the are filled with plants and water they are very heavy. You can also stack the wheeled ones and move everything in one go. Maybe you could add add wheels to a piece 0f wood and stack all storage containers on that and you won't have any trouble moving all at once. Marcie Timmins Canada

    1. Im going for the cheap route. However, I didnt think of looking for bigger with wheels. Perhaps the cost is offset by more space for plants.

  2. Why not have a garden storage to store all those gardening stuff in just one nice place?


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